April 30, 2017

Design and development of an Instructor Led Training

This project was completed for the Needs Assessment in Training and Development class taken in the fall of 2014. The goal was to develop a full training program or a module that would be implemented at any organization, applying the theories of instructional design. The project worked on was for a Community college at which one of the team members worked – the program developed was an ILT for teachers who taught the Adult Basic skills program. These teachers consisted primarily of volunteers and subject matter experts who had no formal teacher training. The college had recognized the need to train these educators on the importance and effectiveness of lesson planning and training them on applying the six-point lesson planning methodology.

In meeting this pre-identified need, several further details needed to be gained and thus, a thorough needs assessment and audience analysis was initiated. This revealed the profile of the educators and their interest in learning about lesson planning. Following this, logistics were determined of delivery style and specific contributing deliverables. The training developed was a 3-hour face to face training and consisted of a presentation with detailed facilitator notes, a structured agenda and interactive activities and a resources binder with take-home information and later reference.

This project was an excellent learning experience beyond applying the principles of instructional design. The team consisted of only 2 members as compared to the full strength of 5. This required constant input and a greater level of involvement from both members of the team. This intense experience and increased participation strengthened the learning during the project. This project also provided experience in areas of greatest interest – working on a small team, remotely and providing project management support. All this contributed to an excellent final project and also an enriching learning experience.

The various deliverables of the project may be accessed and viewed here: Adult Basic skills Education Lesson Planning Training Deliverables.