April 30, 2017

Interview with a practicing instructional designer

Project Background: This was an academic project for a class taken towards earning my Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. The purpose of the project was to interview a practicing instructional designer to gain insight into the real world of working in the industry.

Development Process and tools: This project consisted of several contributing pieces Рidentifying and gaining consent from a practicing instructional designer for the interview, developing concise questions to gain desired insight into the current practices in the industry, an in-person interview with the designer and finally a presentation summarizing the key takeaway and a detailed report of the learnings. Each part of this project helped in gaining a great overview of the actual practice of instructional design, the various options and work settings  (contract, remote, corporate, academic etc.) and the relevance and use of instructional design theories in the real world. In addition to the learning gained from the interview itself, presenting the learning to the class was a great experience in applying engaging content delivery. While designing the presentation, the key goal was to keep it short, engaging and light, providing only the key highlights, keeping things high-level and concise. While the content and the supporting report was long and detailed, the presentation to share with the class was made using an online software Go Animate and kept under 5 minutes. View the presentation, recorded using SnagIt below.