April 30, 2017

Reflections of an adult learner

The final project for EAC 599 (601): Adult Learner was to put together images that represented one’s journey as a learner from the early influences during childhood to the various influences as an adult. Thinking about formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences as a child and later into adulthood, this reflective project provided great insight into the various factors – big and small – that influence a person’s journey, choices and shape their learning styles and preferences. While compiling this presentation, a deep reflection and analysis of various formative experiences revealed the impact of everyday social interactions, cultural influences of places where one lives, educational systems and parental expectations, personal reflection, and emotions on one’s learning style. This project was a meaningful and excellent introduction to the Instructional design program as it forced an introspection and deep understanding of one’s own prejudices as a learner and teacher. This project especially held meaning as it reinforced the various formative experiences that resulted in a personal choice to switch careers from science to instructional design. In addition to revealing personal characteristics and prejudices while creating this presentation, the resulting discussion further revealed the uniqueness in the experiences of different individuals based on ethnicity, age etc.  The understanding that different people have different attitudes and approaches to learning experiences is a fundamental factor in designing instruction. This critical difference is vital to strong instructional design and catering to wider audiences with diverse experiences. This project was especially powerful as it used images to tell the story. In addition to the narrative of the project, which in itself was empowering, it is a testament to the power of visuals in telling a story and connecting with an audience. The visuals employed provided meaning and a deeper understanding of the many experiences and choices that shaped the person I am today – as a woman, professional and lifelong learner. Click on an image below to view the slideshow of the presentation.