August 7, 2017

Educational Resources for e-commerce Business

Project Background

Goal: Educate homeowners about technical aspects of their doors to help them easily select replacement parts without needing a customer service representative.

Role and Responsibilities: Instructional Designer

Tools and Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Articulate Storyline


  • Saved customer service 4 hours per week on support calls that are now answered by educational resources on the website.
  • Developed comprehensive¬†library of technical resources including Product Selection Guides and Installation Instructions


Resources Developed (Work Samples):

  1. Product selection guides (PDF Documents in a Technical Resources Directory).
  2. Style Guide – Formatting Standards
  3. Interactive Product Identification Guide  (Branching Scenario developed in Articulate Storyline)
  4. Video and Image support (Storyboarding and writing script for these videos)
  5. Visual Thumbnails for easy product selection (Easily accessible on Product pages)


For a full library of resources, visit