June 3, 2016

Online Learner Orientation at Forsyth Technical Community College

Project Background

Goal: Equip first time distance education students with all the resources and orientation needed to familiarize them with the online learning environment.

Role and Responsibilities: Project Manager and Instructional Designer

  • Initiated and scoped the project, determined each individual deliverable, coordinated associated resources (Instructional Designers and Multimedia Developers) and managed related timelines.
  • Defined Learning Objectives for orientation class delivered via Blackboard, developed content for lessons, gathered relevant videos and created quizzes for knowledge checks.
  • Designed printable checklist and a reference document for learners to supplement online lessons.
  • Exceeded initial goals by identifying opportunities for growth. In addition to improving online learning experience for existing students, proposed a strategy to recruit prospective students with a webpage for Online Education at Forsyth Tech.

Tools and Software: Canva, Microsoft Publisher, Blackboard, Google Drive


  • Invited to participate in the Universal Design for Learning workshop for educators.
  • Approached to lead successive projects with CTL.
  • Went beyond determined scope of project and demonstrated value of root-cause analysis (What are other contributing factors for low enrollment/ high dropouts from online classes?), adhering to timelines and never losing sight of the big picture from the get-go.


Resources Developed (Work Samples):

  1. Presentations for Stake-holder Buy-in and Reporting Progress to Stake holders.
  2. Learning Objectives for Blackboard course (Word Document )
  3. Storyboard and script for Videos (Google Doc with scene breakdown, supporting on-screen text, suggested visuals, script for narration)
  4. Content and design for DE webpage, including video (Links to Online Education at Forsyth Tech webpage.)
  5. Printable resources (Samples below)


Printable documents using Canva and Publisher

Printable documents using Canva and Publisher