August 13, 2017

Product Knowledge Training for National Sales Teams

Project Background

Goal: Educate sales teams located across the country on a series of 7 new products. Deliver “hands-on” interaction with products to convey highly technical information that empowers sales personnel to promote and sell the product to customers.

Role and Responsibilities: Project Manager, Curriculum and Instructional Designer

Tools and Software: Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Articulate Review, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks Composer.


  • Identified and implemented several improvements to internal processes and methods to better collaborate with other departments.
  • Took on a formal role of Project Manager and Content Owner.


Resources Developed (Work Samples):

  1. Interactive training with Articulate Storyline to introduce details of product enhancements from older designs.
    • Develop a template to maintain consistency across 7 modules to increase familiarity and enable easy navigation.
    • Provide learner freedom of navigation to return or advance in the course at will.
    • Provide mixed media of interactive visuals, videos and graphics with descriptive words to convey message.
    • Reduce cognitive load with minimal design and only essential interactions.
  2. Articulate Rise Modules to serve as “all-in-one” training with full features and benefits of product.
  3. Navigation guides (PDF file)
  4. Style Guides and Templates
  5. Supplemental Resources to serve as job-aids and “leave-behind” with customer.