July 19, 2018

Pre-Learn Module on Ultrasound for Clinicians at WFBMC

Project Background: This project was part of an initiative for the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL) affiliated to the Wake Forest School of Medicine. The learners were healthcare professionals throughout the medical center, located across the state.

Role: Content Curator and Instructional Designer

Deliverables: Two interactive asynchronous modules to be used as pre-learn material.

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint

Wins: Reduced cognitive load on the learner with the creation of custom animations to demonstrate medical procedure of IV placement.

Resources Developed ( Work Samples) 

e-learning module on Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV

e-learning module on Ultrasound extended FAST exam 

As modules were part of a series, a standard style guide and navigation was used.