April 29, 2016

About me

A picture of the Instructional Designer

My path to ID

I have been doing Instructional Design work long before I knew what it was called. I began my career in the Sciences, being fascinated by complex ideas and learning about how things worked. Through various opportunities, I started to play the role of a Training Resource (and unaware Instructional Designer). I slowly discovered that what I loved most about my field of work was the ability to break down these complex and fascinating ideas into simpler concepts and to share them with others. To pursue this passion further, I decided to return to school for a program in Training and Development. When I  discovered Instructional Design, I knew I had found my calling.

Education and certifications

I have a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design, from North Carolina State University. I am Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and am a Certified Associate in Project Management. 

My experience

I have served as a SME and training resource for various companies over the last 5 years, doing instructional design work for 3 years.  From new hire orientations to training on new protocol, equipment and policies, I have designed and implemented training that is context-based and learner-focused. I currently take on design work for companies with project-based needs.

What I can do for you

If any of the following sounds familiar to you, it is likely that you could employ the services of an instructional designer.

  • Your organization is launching a new product/service or implementing a new process. You need training material developed that does not simply educate but also excites the learner.
  • You value your employees’ growth and advancement but your organization does not have an existing development plan in place.
  • Your current training material is developed by subject matter experts/ obsolete/ boring/ hard to understand and is filled with technical information that can overwhelm a novice.
  • You have face-to-face training sessions for large groups that are often ineffective and hard to schedule.
  • You would like to reach an audience at global locations but do not have facilitators at every location.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive learning solution or a stand-alone tutorial, I can help you! As an instructional designer, I am here to help you find the training strategy that best suits your unique needs and company culture. Through detailed analysis of existing gaps and a keen understanding of adult learning principles, I can recommend and design learning solutions that cater to your needs. Your employees will never have to moan when they hear the word “training” again!