How to Design Infographics fast

How to create powerful

The local chapter of the Association for Talent Development hosted a talk last week by Mike Parkinson, from Billion Dollar Graphics, on How to design infographics fast. The session was fun, engaging and extremely informative and our group of L&D professionals walked away with some great insights on how we could improve our educational materials with impactful infographics.

Visual graphics when designed correctly have the power to capture a learner’s attention, engage and inform them. With the right blend of text and visuals, it can pack in a lot of information in a manner that is both visually appealing and easy to comprehend.

Mike talked us through the thought process behind conceptualizing a powerful infographic and shared a number of resources, tools and ideas to render it effectively. He ended the session with having us sketch this creative process in the form of an infographic. While my minutes thought and modest drawing skills resulted in a shabby sketch, after spending sometime reflecting on what he taught us and trying out the resources he shared, I created this infographic highlighting the key points from the session.

Some other great resources he shared included software to create infographics:

He also gave away a design cheat sheet, which you may view and download on his website.

Armed with these ideas and easy to apply tips and tricks we all felt a step closer to becoming graphic ninjas. Thank you, Mike for the great tips and ATD Piedmont for organizing this session!


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